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Collage pick #1 – Arrowmont Reunion

I started my collages today for the Arrowmont Resident Artist Reunion.  It took more than a week and a half to filter through and download all the pictures I thought were good enough to pull information from.  All of my collages are put together in the computer using Photoshop.  Since I’m just trying to achieve a composition, I’m not worried too much about edge detail, so forgive the roughness of the collage image.  Here is the most successful one for the day.

Mrs. Profitt, Me as a child, Mrs. Reagan (Aunt Lizzie)

I made the above collage using the following photos:

Gatlinburg's first health clinic. Also, where I lived when I was a resident artist at Arrowmont in 1994-95.


Mrs. Profitt was the housekeeper for the Boy's Dorm (left) Mrs. Reagan (also know as Aunt Lizzie) was the Housekeeper of Teacher's Dorm and also an accomplished weaver.


Aunt Lizzie spinning yarn most likely for her weaving.

Me as a child.



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Arrowmont School of Arts And Crafts – 20th Anniversary Reunion/Retreat

I have a new adventure, fast approaching, that I’m very excited about! Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts is having a 20 year anniversary of the Artist-in-Residence program that they offer.  To celebrate, they have invited ALL of the previous residents over the past 20 years to participate in a reunion/retreat!  (Yes, that’s right, I was invited because I participated in their program as a resident artist from 1994-95.)  Arrowmont is hosting 5 days of creative collaboration and full use of their studios!  They are even housing and feeding all of us!  How generous is THAT?  (very)  It looks like it will be just above 50 participants according to the last count of attendees.

Arrowmont has organized several different collaborative ideas for us, as a place to start from, and we are asked to choose our top 2 choices.  My choices are:

1.  Create a large format print project. Or a print edition.

2.  Each resident to bring a small personal hand-made object (size restriction) to be embellished and or responded to by other participating residents and staff.

Most (or at least the successful ones?) of these collaborative projects will be donated to Arrowmont and either be sold at fund raising auctions, or added to their permanent collection.

My personal goal for this experience is EXPERIMENTATION using a printmaking press.

Even though I have taken a printmaking class in the past, at the time, I was not using my current process of mono-printing.  Since I’m using stitched fabric as my printing plate, and I work in my home studio (which doesn’t have a print press), I had to develop a way to print without a press.  (I create the pressure using bricks and books.)  My printing plate (stitched fabric) sits under pressure with the paper substrate for days.  This helps to achieve some of the texture in my prints.  I am also printing with inks used for drawing and painting instead of traditional printmaking ink.

Taking this process to a printmaking press will change what mediums I can use for my mark making….I know this.  This is what I’m most excited about! 

Inspiration for my Arrowmont project has begun!

In most of my work, I use old photographs for my inspiration.  I have mostly worked with family photos, and I usually create collages with them to create a new composition.  You can see some of the collages I’ve done in an old post here.  Doing these collages lead me to my current working process, which you can also read more about here.

The history of Arrowmont is interesting and goes way back.  You can read more about it here.  ” Thanks to a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Arrowmont’s rich history has been preserved in digital format with fully searchable archival materials including letters, diaries, photographs, and scrapbooks.” (from Arrowmont’s website) These can be found here.   When I discovered this resource, I was ecstatic!  What a wonderful way to begin my research for my print edition!

OK, that is it for now, but I will be posting some ideas in more detail in future posts leading up to the retreat, which will take place from May 14th – 18th.  (next month!) Thanks for stopping in to see what I’m up too!   Here is a little eye candy taken from the scrapbook section of this website:


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New Monoprint Edition Started – Front Porch

Well, I’m embarrassed that it has been so long since I’ve posted something.  I guess the move, and new (old) house renovation has just taken over all of my free time!  I’ve finally “carved” out a studio space in the construction zone to get back in the creative side of my brain. This summer, I’ve taken a break from the house stuff and made time to finish a new stitching to use for my “printing plate”.

Front Porch collage inspiration

Front Porch collage inspiration

Remember the days of sitting on the front porch and greeting your neighbors as they walked by?  Ahh…the days that people actually knew their neighbors and interacted with them….(Actually, I must say my new neighborhood is the friendliest I’ve lived in for a long while.)  Anyway, this print series is inspired by one of my old family photographs (in which I did not recognize anyone).  I inserted myself as a child in this one, and the lady in the dress is a mystery, but she must be connected in someway to my family because her picture was in my grandmothers collection. Maybe they were neighbors?….You know, back in the day when you knew everyone in your neighborhood.

Introducing: “Front Porch” 

Below is the results of the top print.  (I print 2 at a time: bottom and top.)  This print has 3 layers of ink.  (I’m still layering on the bottom print, and will show you when it dries in a few days.)  I’ve been trying out some new techniques, so I hope you like it!  Stay tuned for more prints from this stitching soon!

” Front Porch”  30″ x 17″

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Studio: My past with my family’s past

I’ve decided to imagine my own history by bring photos of me into the collage.  I’m not trying to rewrite to forget.  I have very fond memories.  I’m only trying to connect to a history that intrigues me, the past of my family.  Sewing myself into my family’s memories makes me feel closer to them and connects me further.



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Research: Photos in Art

Below are images of artwork that have inspired me in some way. All images are scanned from the book Proof: Los Angeles Art and the Photograph 1960-1980 by Charles Desmarais, copyright 1992. The book and exhibition focused on artists who used the photograph to question truth. Each artist brings their unique expression to the idea of truth and fiction in our trace of history using photography.

“nohJ”, William Wegman, 1970

I love this piece for its simplicity. A photograph printed backwards to question reality.

Untitled, Susan Haller, 1972

I also love the simplicity of this one.  It is a wonderful comment on the evidence of trace left behind.

A Cubic Foot of Photographs, George Blakely, 1978

Accumulative memory neatly stacked and organized.  I’m not sure of the artist’s intention with this sculpture, but if reminds me of our need to organize in a non-linear way.  It’s as if we are collecting evidence of our existence so we can prove that we were here.


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Research: The struggle for a narrow topic.

I never imagined that I would struggle so much trying to figure out a topic for my research paper this quarter.  Part of the problem is that I am interested in many things, and it is hard to narrow it down to one small topic.  The other part of the problem is that some of my ideas are so abstract, that I can’t seem to find any references to research from.  I’ve spent the last 3 days researching ideas and topics and reading articles on various things.  I’m hoping that writing out some of my ideas here in this post will spark some sort of “ah ha!” moment.  Also, if any of you quiet readers would like to put your 2 cents in…PLEASE, feel free to comment.

This is my collection of words: trace, time, memory, simulacrum, residue, death, mortality, mapping mortality, nonlinear, collective memory,  photo-montage, erasure, collage, palimpsests, pastiche, pentimento,  and shadow.

I wrote down many questions for possible topics, but they all seemed to lead to these two ideas:
How has residual and collective memory changed in our personal history?  What kind of trace will we leave behind for our future families?

Can a trace of something be a sign of the same thing?  Is it too far removed from its original source?

I think I’m leaning toward the first idea.  I am interested in how people have memorialized their family and friends through history, and this is a topic that I feel I could find information on.  It certainly has changed over the years, especially in medium:  painting, photography, video, etc.  We all have our different ways of remembering someone: a picture, an object, a letter, an e-mail.  The way we have been taught to discard and constantly buy new, makes me wonder if we will leave as much a trace of personal history behind as our ancestors did.  We live in a world of digital pictures.  I don’t know about you, but I vary rarely print out my digital pictures.  If I were to die, will my family take the time to go through my computer and find all the pictures I have stored?  What about all the pictures stored in e-mails from friends and family?  Is our pictorial family history going to be lost forever in the information age?  It will be if we don’t make a conscious effort to document and store the information in way that is easily accessible to others.  However, even this can not be guaranteed.  Another thing we must consider, is the hardware could change too.  We could have a floppy disk from 10 years ago, with family pictures on it from grandma, and no way to view them.  So I guess the lesson here is be sure to print out those good family photographs for generations to come.  However, even then, it is not so simple.  They must be printed on good paper, preferably acid free, with ink that doesn’t fade easily.  My how things have become so complicated, yet seeming so easy!  (no pun intended. 😉


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Oh, boy. A new quarter is starting soon.

Can you hear my enthusiasm? Well, I’m only dreading the new quarter, because I’m at the tail end of a 2 and a half week vacation. I spent most of my time thinking about everything EXCEPT my art. I’ve enjoyed this much needed break from work and school tremendously. I’ve been doing everything from cleaning out my attic to crawling under my house to spray Good Stuff foam to keep the stray cats from ruining the HVAC duct work insulation. I tweaked my back with all the stooping and crawling, so today I decided to give my body a break and start thinking about my artwork again. I spent the morning experimenting with Masa Wax paper. Below is my first attempt to use it in a collage. I’m trying to rely less on the photograph and put more of my hand in the process.  Comments are welcome.

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