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Arrowmont School of Arts And Crafts – 20th Anniversary Reunion/Retreat

I have a new adventure, fast approaching, that I’m very excited about! Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts is having a 20 year anniversary of the Artist-in-Residence program that they offer.  To celebrate, they have invited ALL of the previous residents over the past 20 years to participate in a reunion/retreat!  (Yes, that’s right, I was invited because I participated in their program as a resident artist from 1994-95.)  Arrowmont is hosting 5 days of creative collaboration and full use of their studios!  They are even housing and feeding all of us!  How generous is THAT?  (very)  It looks like it will be just above 50 participants according to the last count of attendees.

Arrowmont has organized several different collaborative ideas for us, as a place to start from, and we are asked to choose our top 2 choices.  My choices are:

1.  Create a large format print project. Or a print edition.

2.  Each resident to bring a small personal hand-made object (size restriction) to be embellished and or responded to by other participating residents and staff.

Most (or at least the successful ones?) of these collaborative projects will be donated to Arrowmont and either be sold at fund raising auctions, or added to their permanent collection.

My personal goal for this experience is EXPERIMENTATION using a printmaking press.

Even though I have taken a printmaking class in the past, at the time, I was not using my current process of mono-printing.  Since I’m using stitched fabric as my printing plate, and I work in my home studio (which doesn’t have a print press), I had to develop a way to print without a press.  (I create the pressure using bricks and books.)  My printing plate (stitched fabric) sits under pressure with the paper substrate for days.  This helps to achieve some of the texture in my prints.  I am also printing with inks used for drawing and painting instead of traditional printmaking ink.

Taking this process to a printmaking press will change what mediums I can use for my mark making….I know this.  This is what I’m most excited about! 

Inspiration for my Arrowmont project has begun!

In most of my work, I use old photographs for my inspiration.  I have mostly worked with family photos, and I usually create collages with them to create a new composition.  You can see some of the collages I’ve done in an old post here.  Doing these collages lead me to my current working process, which you can also read more about here.

The history of Arrowmont is interesting and goes way back.  You can read more about it here.  ” Thanks to a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Arrowmont’s rich history has been preserved in digital format with fully searchable archival materials including letters, diaries, photographs, and scrapbooks.” (from Arrowmont’s website) These can be found here.   When I discovered this resource, I was ecstatic!  What a wonderful way to begin my research for my print edition!

OK, that is it for now, but I will be posting some ideas in more detail in future posts leading up to the retreat, which will take place from May 14th – 18th.  (next month!) Thanks for stopping in to see what I’m up too!   Here is a little eye candy taken from the scrapbook section of this website:



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The “See You Later” Series

I’ve been working on some prints from a new stitching.  I’m calling these the “See You Later” Series.  Enjoy!

See You Later #1

See You Later #1

See You Later #2

See You Later #2

See You Later #3

See You Later #3


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Small and Large

I’ve been working on some more prints, small and large.  Here is a sampling.  I’ve been experimenting with these smaller prints on Masa Wax paper.  It’s creating a nice surface with the ink.

13″ x 11″

13" x 11"   $75

13″ x 11″

13″ x 11″

This next print is a large one.  (45″ x 63″)  I’ve been printing on this one for the last 3 weeks.  It has been printed on 4 different times with different layers of ink, so it is more dense with color and layers.  I’m really enjoying this process and it’s effect on the paper.

“Aunt Maggie”, 45″ x 63″, 2010,


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New hat with Lucky’s hair!

I finally made something with my dog, Lucky’s hair!  My friend Jamie had me collect his hair last year so she could spin it in to yarn.  She spun it into a skein and gave it to me!  (See her BLOG about this subject.) A year later, I made myself a hat! Lucky and I LOVE my new hat!  Thanks again for the yarn, Jamie, and thank you for keeping me warm, Lucky!


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Studio: Conceptual Thoughts

It is now time to write more about what I am thinking of while I am creating this new work that I am sharing with you.


MEMORY: The need or ability to recall what has happened in the past.

EXPERIENCE: When a moment happens and more than one person is involved, there can be many interpretations of the same experience.

TRACE: That which is left behind. The memory. The evidence. The perspective of the moment.

ERASURE: Details forgotten in an experience. Getting rid of the evidence.

It is the difference in perspective of the same memory that I am interested in capturing in my artwork. I’m am interested in the trace of a moment that is left behind, and the ability (or lack of) to interpret what happened by the evidence left behind. Truth or Fiction? Can we tell what is true and what is fiction by this trace of evidence?

My starting point is working with my family photographs. The trace and evidence of my family of their past times and memories. These photographs are moments captured. They have a natural truth in that the moment happened, but we do not know the details of the moment. In this evidence, we still do not know if the moment was real. I am taking these moments (truth?) and making collages out of them. (fiction) This transformation expresses that the trace of evidence left behind does not have the ability to be proof of anything, except of it’s existence. It can tell us nothing else. It only expresses the mystery of the moment. We do not really know what happened.

When looking at photographs, we must consider that there are many perspectives going on at once. We are seeing the perspective of the cameraman, but we need to also consider the perspectives of the people in the photograph. If you had the opportunity to hear to the story about the memory in the photograph, you would more than likely get a different version of the same experience from each individual in the moment. With this in mind, I have set up some conditions in my process that mimics this idea.


1. I create a collage using my old family photographs.

2. I trace my collage (pun intended) onto old fabric. I use old fabric because it is also has a trace of a past life.

3. I then stitch the fabric by following the tracing. (tracing again.) The finished image is used as the TOOL. It is not the finished piece.

4. I take a sheet of paper and lay it down. I place the tool on top of the paper, and paint on it using various inks, and then place another sheet of paper on top of the tool. These two sheets of paper are experiencing the same moment with the TOOL. Yet, when they are taken away from the TOOL (the moment) they express a different perspective.

5. The RESULT: Multiple perspectives: (the cameraman – the image), (me – the artist), (the paper – 2 perspectives of the same moment), and (the TOOL).

6. The PAPER (print): 2 perspectives of the same moment: The 2 images are very different, and tend to express some opposition: mirror images of each other, color differences, reflect the front and back of the TOOL, placement of the paper with the tool (top, bottom).

NEXT STEP with the TOOL for more prints:

After making a few prints with the TOOL, I take the tool and ERASE the details of the memory, by taking some of the stitching out, and make new prints with the new tool. This expresses how over time, the details of a memory become vague.

The TOOL and IMPRESSIONS:  (comments welcome!)





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Studio: More Impressions

I’m not feeling a 100% today, so I’m not going to type too much.  Here are a few pictures though.  I will talk more about concept soon.  Enjoy.  Comments always welcome.

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Studio: More ink impressions

Here are some samplings of ink impressions I’ve been working on. Some of these are in progress. Instead of drawing objects, I thought I would do impressions of photo collage tracings.

This is my tool. Stitching on fabric.


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