Art Studio: The History of My Creative Place in Savannah

As an artist, I consider my studio space a place where I should be able to think, create and be inspired.  I’ve always prioritized carving out a space anywhere I’ve lived for this purpose.  It’s also important to me to be able to make a mess without worrying about spills or drips.

#1. RENTED STUDIO: I rented a studio in my neighborhood when I was attending graduate school.

Only once have I had a studio space outside of my house.  (See THIS POST if you want to see pictures of this studio.)  I gave myself this luxury when I was in grad school, and kept that space for about 3 years, eventually giving it up when I was able to create a space to work at home.

#2. 37th ST. STUDIO:  Then I moved my studio back home.

It was a room that I finally renovated in the 37th St. house.  This space has the best light of any of my studios so far.

(**You can click on each picture to see it larger.)

This was in my house when I lived on 37th St.

Another view – 37th St Studio. – sitting/storage area.

#3. THUNDERBOLT STUDIO #1: Then I moved to another area in Savannah.

Almost two years ago, I moved to the Thunderbolt area of Savannah.  We purchased a major renovation project house, and I was able to renovate a small space quickly to have a space to create.  Here is a picture:

This is the first studio in my current house.

The above space never really felt comfortable to work in because we had to install carpet in the space.  After working in it for a while, I knew I had to figure out another solution, so we decided to renovate a bigger room in the house so I could move in there.

#4. THUNDERBOLT STUDIO #2: Current studio that I just moved in to this weekend.

New studio looking West. I’m finally able to have all of my supplies in one room and organized for easy access. I have another table in storage that will eventually go along the wall on the left to give me more table space for printing.










New Studio looking East. I Ieft the window area really open to give me room to have yoga breaks. I still need to make curtains for privacy.



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4 responses to “Art Studio: The History of My Creative Place in Savannah

  1. New space looks marvellous! I hope you spend many productive and happy hours there.

  2. amelia

    !!! wow anna !!! recording spaces is crucial. the new space looks conducive and cozy!

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