New Monoprint Edition Started – Front Porch

Well, I’m embarrassed that it has been so long since I’ve posted something.  I guess the move, and new (old) house renovation has just taken over all of my free time!  I’ve finally “carved” out a studio space in the construction zone to get back in the creative side of my brain. This summer, I’ve taken a break from the house stuff and made time to finish a new stitching to use for my “printing plate”.

Front Porch collage inspiration

Front Porch collage inspiration

Remember the days of sitting on the front porch and greeting your neighbors as they walked by?  Ahh…the days that people actually knew their neighbors and interacted with them….(Actually, I must say my new neighborhood is the friendliest I’ve lived in for a long while.)  Anyway, this print series is inspired by one of my old family photographs (in which I did not recognize anyone).  I inserted myself as a child in this one, and the lady in the dress is a mystery, but she must be connected in someway to my family because her picture was in my grandmothers collection. Maybe they were neighbors?….You know, back in the day when you knew everyone in your neighborhood.

Introducing: “Front Porch” 

Below is the results of the top print.  (I print 2 at a time: bottom and top.)  This print has 3 layers of ink.  (I’m still layering on the bottom print, and will show you when it dries in a few days.)  I’ve been trying out some new techniques, so I hope you like it!  Stay tuned for more prints from this stitching soon!

” Front Porch”  30″ x 17″


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