The big event

Yes, the thesis show reception is over!  I had a wonderful turnout considering it was after the quarter was over, and many people had already left town to go home for the break.  Thank you all who came to help me celebrate this mile stone in my life.  It meant a lot to me that you were there.  I will post pictures of the work in the show after I get it professionally documented.

I wish I were done with the MFA program, but ALAS, I still have to write the paper, and take two more classes. So, I will not really be done until June 2009.



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2 responses to “The big event

  1. YAY! what a wonderful show. Anna your work is spectacular and has developed wonderfully. I am so proud of you. Have a wonderful break. I hope to see you soon!

  2. keck….
    CONGRATULATIONS… finished…so great to see how far you have come…the new work looks amazing.

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