Thesis Madness

I wanted to check in.  I’ve been computerless again and unable to upload pictures to post.  I’m in complete thesis mode.  My exhibition is at the end of November, and I’m down to the wire to complete an entire body of work. I’m literally stitching and working on my show every spare moment I have.  (and working full time, no less!)  I’ve been putting about 2-4 hours of studio time in each evening after work, and all day Sunday’s.  I’m trying to allow Saturday as my “no commitment” day, but I’m ending up spending most of this day stitching anyway.  The weather has been so awesome, all I want to do is sit on my back porch while stitching and listening to my ipod.  That is the perfect Saturday in my book! I’ll try to chime in every once in a while.  I will definately document the exhibition when the time comes and post the pictures.  Back to the grind!


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