Checking In…

I wanted to let you all know that my internet connection was lost after a bad lightening storm that we had a few weeks ago. So, I’ve been unable to update you on my studio practice. My boyfriend has a computer, but he doesn’t have the photo editing software that I do, so it makes it very difficult for me to post pictures. My work/studio load finally lifted enough for me to spend an evening on his computer to try and figure this internet thing going on with my Mac. I’m slowly plugging through the troubleshooting tips from the apple web-site and talking to the cable guy, but it’s looking like a bad Ethernet port, which means that I need to start thinking about getting a new computer. (Bummer! BAD timing!) The repair would be too costly to justify on my 6-7 year old e-mac. I was planning on getting a laptop as a “graduation” present to myself anyway (next year). Perhaps it is time to buy my present early, and just call it a “thesis show” present instead!?? Which brings me to:

Good News!! I PASSED my Thesis Review! My Thesis show is planned for Fall quarter. EEK! (That’s SOON!)

Keep check in! I hope to get this internet issue solved soon!


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