Studio: Working Larger

I’ve decided to start printing larger. It was quite the challenge. I need a flat surface to work on, so the floor had to do. The only problem is, there are very few places in my house that are big enough to put large paper on the floor that gives me room to walk around it. However, I was able to squeeze it on my studio floor. (Barely!) I had to work on the surface from the top and bottom, and I had just enough room to stretch my arms to the middle with my paint brush. Whew! I’m happy with the results. Here is a picture of the blank paper before I started, to give you an idea of scale. The paper is 52″ x 65″. The first two are meant to be hung together as are the second two.

I would love to hear comments.



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3 responses to “Studio: Working Larger

  1. Anna I just saw these in the building and they are great. These photos differ greatly from the pieces in real life. and the scale is fantastic. I wasnt sure initially about the lack of clarity (from the photos they look a bit murky) but in real life you can see the figure much more. I definitely get the sense of memory with these. The faces of the figures left me with this interesting kind of uneasy feeling. They are indeed evocative. I personally liked the two with more color going on, where it seems like colors are separating, when I think of long ago memories or when I am recalling a memory not of my own I think of the colors being distorted and not so pure. I cant wait to see more in this fashion.

  2. I love the technique you developed, but I’m not quite sure if this is the best use of your old photos. Try to take a look at the work of Osmar Pinheiro – Brazil (Google). He uses encaustic over a painting to get the mood of old photos. I like your work and how you are thinking about it, and that’s the reason why I made this comment.
    It’s a good way, but you can improve it more in a most contemporary feeling.

  3. Hi Gaby Braun,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate your frankness and honesty. This is the kind of dialog I hoped to have with this blog. I tried to check out Osmar’s work, but found few pictures of his work, and nothing about his concept. Do you know where I can see more of it? My work is constantly changing and evolving. My struggle has been the issue of bring the past to the present, and I’m still trying to figure this out. I want the photo to be the starting point, but only in reference with the final work. It is not important to me to have the final piece have the same feeling as an old photograph. Is this what you meant by your comment? Do you feel like it needs to still feel like an old photo? Why?

    Thanks again,


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