Studio: More organizing and analyzing

It is time to finally organize all my family photos into collections that go together. My goal here is see if I can learn more information about these experiences by looking at all the photos of the same event, rather than looking at each photo individually.

What has taken me so long to do this? Honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t done it sooner. However, a part of the reason why is because I do not have the whole collection of photos to work with. My brother and sister have a good bit of the collection too. However, I have my part of the collection, and a collection of photos that we have not gone through to divide yet. (the “undivided collection”)

So, the first thing I did is mark the backs of the “undivided collection” with blue tape, since I would need to mix this collection with my own.

Then, I looked at each picture and put it in a pile according the their size and shape. There were small, medium and large, square and rectangle, and some with or without a serrated edge. Also, I had two separate piles for photo booth portraits and studio portraits.

I took each pile and looked on the back. Most of them were unmarked, but some of them had numbers stamped or written on them. I quickly realized that this told me for sure which pictures came from the same roll of film. Since some of the photos did not have numbers, I looked for the clothing that people were wearing to see if the photos were taken at the same event or on the same day.

Now I’m working on putting xeroxes of each group of photos in my notebook. I will use these copies for drawing on, looking at, and analyzing with notes and ideas. I’ll post notebook pictures later.



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2 responses to “Studio: More organizing and analyzing

  1. Hello Anna,
    I was reading your post. My family is also in Charleston, SC. My sister and brother in law are Anna and George Seago, about the greatest people in the world!! Anyway, I was wondering what you were going to do with your photos once you get them organized? May I humbly suggest Creative Memories Scrapbook albums. They are by far the BEST and there is no comparison! We have a lifetime guarantee and I have never had one returned. It’s just that people put so much effort into their family albums and then they can fall apart if you do not have the proper album.
    I would be honored to talk with you about this. I do not do fancy albums…..I focus on the PHOTOS and the stories that go with them. I love mine so much. God bless always, Mary Cluley

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mary. Right now they are being stored in an acid free box. After I am done using these photos for reference in my artwork, I will eventually put these in an acid free photo album. However, I will want to make my own. Thanks, anyway!

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