Studio: Traces and Process

I’ve been trying to figure out my new process.  I’ve spent a lot of time doing samples so that I will have more control with the fabric impressions on paper.  I did wet on wet, dry on dry, wet on dry, and dry on wet; straight out the bottle and thinned out with water.  I’m hoping to have a solid set of small samples for reference.  I did 4 samples that sit alone to dry, and 4 samples that dry under pressure.  I’ve also been thinking about my substrate.  I decided I would cover a wood panel with pages from an old history book.  I tried to pick out pages that tell stories of people in the southern area of the United States, where my family is from.  (Eli Whitney, Daniel Boone, etc.)  Now I need to figure out what to stitch and do impressions of.

Ink samples using wet and dry paper and fabric

Fabric impressions on book pages.  (Samples)

Book pages glued to a wood panel.  This is the ground of something to come.


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