Studio: I’m back in the studio! Yippie!

Hey everybody! Thanks for being patient with my long break from this blog. I’m in a studio class this quarter, and I’m ready to out of my head of writing papers and excited to see what comes out in my work with my recent research. My new class started last week, and my teacher jump started us with an assignment. Since I’ve been out of the studio for a while, I was thankful that I had a project to get me going. I had already been experimenting a little bit, but have not had a chance to really investigate my new idea of using my stitching as my tool. So, here’s a little sampling of what I’ve gotten done so far. Enjoy, and comments welcome.

Do you like one more than another? Why?


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One response to “Studio: I’m back in the studio! Yippie!

  1. Cindy Mizzell

    I think think the 1st picture has more depth & I like the color contrast.

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