Oh, boy. A new quarter is starting soon.

Can you hear my enthusiasm? Well, I’m only dreading the new quarter, because I’m at the tail end of a 2 and a half week vacation. I spent most of my time thinking about everything EXCEPT my art. I’ve enjoyed this much needed break from work and school tremendously. I’ve been doing everything from cleaning out my attic to crawling under my house to spray Good Stuff foam to keep the stray cats from ruining the HVAC duct work insulation. I tweaked my back with all the stooping and crawling, so today I decided to give my body a break and start thinking about my artwork again. I spent the morning experimenting with Masa Wax paper. Below is my first attempt to use it in a collage. I’m trying to rely less on the photograph and put more of my hand in the process.  Comments are welcome.


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One response to “Oh, boy. A new quarter is starting soon.

  1. That is so interesting! I would love to hear about the process of using this wax paper, Ive never heard of it. It looks like you carved into it? This looks great, definitely explore this idea!

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