A Weekend of Sewing

This weekend I learned how to sew the “right” way.  When ever I’ve sewn anything, I just “wing it.”  I’ve never really sewn practical things, just artwork.  So, I asked my mother to teach me how to sew with a pattern.  Really, it was just an excuse to go visit my mother in Charleston with out my boyfriend.  (Sorry, T! 😉 I picked out a simple skirt pattern for my first lesson.  I always have a hard time finding skirts in fabric that I like, well under $80 that is…so, this was perfect.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, so I set up my sewing machine outside on the back porch.  It took me most of Saturday to complete the project.  It was pretty slow going, but well worth the effort.  I went with a white fabric base, (much to my mother’s horror), that I think at one time was a sheet.  I trimmed it in another vintage fabric to bring in some color.  Below is a picture of where I spent the afternoon sewing and the final product.  I really can’t wait to make another one, but a few other projects need to take priority first, and I will have to see if I can squeeze in some extra time for another skirt.



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5 responses to “A Weekend of Sewing

  1. karinrebekah

    Oh Anna, the skirt is so charming! I like your fabrics- the white with a large pattern accent was a good choice. My favorite part of this story was the part about sewing outside!

  2. The skirt is lovely! Great job!

  3. Love the trim. I have some cloth very similar to that only more green. I works great in small quantity. I think the first thing I sewed was a shirt and my mother stumbled through it along with me. I’m sure too it took longer than one day.

  4. jgallo20

    Hi Anna,

    I can’t believe you found that sewing machine. Huge score!! Woohoo!! You never know when you might need a spare sewing machine. The skirt you made is so cute and a classic piece you could put with almost anything.

    I wish I had room for that loom in my apartment because I would seriously consider buying it from you. $300 is a super deal. I will hopefully be experimenting more with weaving because so far its been one of the most interesting techniques I’ve learned. If you don’t sell it anytime soon, definately mention it to me again later on in the year.

  5. I love your skirt. The patterned part at the hem is lovely. I’m learning dressmaking at college, and am making a skirt…see blog 😉

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