Road Trip to Camden, SC

I went to Camden, SC to visit with my friend Liz. It was a wonderful girls weekend, and we spent every minute catching up on the last 3 years of our lives. On the way home, I decided to take the back roads home and see a bit of the south at a slower pace than the interstate. I always get so tired of the interstate. Everyone is always in such a hurry and you spend most of the time driving, looking at cars and paying attention to traffic. I’m so glad I took the highways instead. There is so much more to look at in the country. I took snapshots while I was in the car and also while driving, and since I didn’t want to wreck, I pointed the camera without looking through the viewfinder and hoped for the best when I shot the picture. I got a few interesting ones that I included for you below. Notice how few cars there are on the highway. It was pretty crazy how empty the roads were. I guess it was Sunday, but still. I guess everyone was in a hurry and took I-95 instead?


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  1. hascott

    Love your road pix. I hope that you are enjoying a great break and getting a little done too. I have been researching family history lately. It has become quite an obsession actually. Reminds be of some of your quests…

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