Room Renovation

This weekend I relaxed in Charleston, SC with family.  It was really hard to sit still, but somehow I allowed myself to slow down.  The rest of this weekend, I spent clearing out the rest of the room I want to renovate.  I found temporary and permanent places for the furniture and knick knacks that took over the room.  Here is the room all cleaned out.   I still need to take out the air conditioner in the window.  I don’t need it anymore since I have central heat and air now.  The first thing I will do in here is scrape the popcorn off the ceiling.  It’s a messy job, so I will need to put plastic down before getting started.  The pictures below are traveling around the room to the left.  I stood in each corner to take the pictures.

I took a picture of this loom before I moved it out of the room because I’m ready to sell it.  I don’t see myself weaving anytime soon, and if I want to weave later in life, I will use the other one we have.  If anyone is interested in buying it from me for $300 let me know.  I live in Savannah, GA, and you would have to pick it up.  That is pretty cheap if you live around here.  It is set up for plain weave because that is the process I used when I was weaving, but it comes with some parts to turn it into a 4 harness loom, however some parts are also missing so you would have to order these.  Also, a bench is NOT included.  I’ve always just used a chair.  It is a LeClerc loom from Canada.

It will collapse for easy storage when not in use.

Here are the parts I have for the other 2 harnesses.

I also spent some time today to see if this sewing machine, that was salvaged off someone’s trash pile, actually worked.  It works!  I think they thought it was broken, but really they had the bobbin in upside down!  SCORE!  I did some research on how old it might be, but reached dead ends with my search on-line.  It’s a Bamberger – Deluxe 149B.  Has anybody heard of it?  It looks pretty old.  Maybe 50s or 60s.

from the back:

Well, next weekend I’m planning on visiting a friend of mine in Camden, SC, so I may not have a post for next week.  I might post though, so check back just in case!  Have a great week!



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3 responses to “Room Renovation

  1. I didn’t recognize that room without the stuff, it looks to big. I am antsy to get our bathroom upstairs finished, unfortunately it will take money for a plumber which we don’t have.

    Happy scraping and painting. Can’t wait to see the color choice.

  2. Pam

    I have a sewing machine that is identical to the one you have pictured. Its a 149B. My mother bought it when I was in high school because I was taking home ec. I just recently started making quilts and got this machine from my mother. It all works fine except the belt is too lose to thread the bobbin. Do you know where you can get a belt for it?

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