Friday’s Thesis Review

Thank you to all of you that have shown incredible support for me on and off line with my struggle to figure out my concept. I wanted to let you know that my brain has been churning again and I feel much more focused on my ideas for my thesis. The experience of coming up with the “Why” in everything I do creatively is way more challenging for me than the making and has been a very frustrating, confusing and draining experience. It is hard to analyze everything you are thinking and doing and put it into words in a way that other people understand and hopefully relate to. I still feel like I have a lot to research and discover and think about, but that is OK. I would be bored if I had it already figured out, and there would be no need to research and discover further. That is half the fun. The discovery of who we are and why we relate to certain things. When I finish the final draft of my statement tonight for my review, I will create another page on this blog and share it with you.

I have asked all of my professors to take a look at my blog before my review this Friday, so they will have an overview of what I’ve been thinking for the last 4 months, and how I was led to my most recent concept: “Truth or Fiction”

Message to my professors: I am looking forward to all of your valuable, honest, and constructive feedback. I promise to be open to suggestions on how to make my work stronger and more cohesive. I would love to know your opinions on what to research further based on my artist statement and for you to recommend artists to look at for inspiration. I also would like you to be honest about my process: what is working and what is not, including presentation.



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  1. Good luck with the review! Take a deep breath and remember to ENJOY every minute of it. This is the culmination of lots of your hard work!

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