Oh, yeah….my other daily task? Action – Reaction

One of my assignments for my current class was to come up with some sort of ACTION to do every day. This in turn leads to a REACTION. I also was to keep a daily journal about the experience. Well, since my day is pretty jammed packed as it is, this was a very difficult task for me. Since I work full time during the day, I’m pretty scheduled as it is. None the less, I decided I would most benefit from taking a daily walk. This is a luxury that I rarely allow myself, so, I thought at least this is something that I could really benefit from. I did really enjoy this task, and I only needed to commit to it for 2 weeks. I must say it was still really hard for me to find time each day to go for a walk, especially since I have so few extra daytime hours, but some how I seemed to make it happen. Whenever I had a jammed packed day of other things, I would take my walk during my 15 minute break at work, and then write about it later. This wasn’t ideal, but was what I had to do. This is what my reaction was:

  • My walks forced me to take note of what was going on around me, and made me think about my place in this world.
  • They gave me time to contemplate my dreams and goals.
  • Sometimes I found myself thinking about my artwork and what I needed to do next.
  • Writing right after the walk allowed me to either remember my thoughts and also let go of the thoughts that clutter my head.

Even though I probably won’t continue this action of walking every day, I do think I will try to go at least a few times a week. Now that the weather is so nice, I really crave to be outside. It’s really the perfect time of year to do this sort of thing.


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  1. Walks are so wonderful for generating ideas and really seeing what is surrounding you. Its easy to get couped up inside working and not take notice of what is around you. This is a great daily task! Fresh air certainly inspires the senses!

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