Studio: Collages with Fabrics

After a highly needed restful Saturday, I went to the studio all day Sunday.  I seemed to kick my lethargic Saturday mood to the way side.  (I think I was fighting a cold.)  Today I have more energy, and I had a good studio day.  I started by organizing my stack of xeroxed photos into stacks.  I put aside the ones I related to in some way today and picked out these.

Today, I worked from these photos only.   I played with compositions and came up with the following collages using fabric:

I haven’t given these collages names yet.  This composition came to me intuitively.  I didn’t expect to make a collage today about war.  War is always going on.  It could be a personal war, or a religious war.  It make no difference.  It is always people who don’t accept people for who they are; forever trying to change people to see the same way.  (How boring, really!)  Diversity is good in my world.

What do you think is going on in this one?  I would love to hear what you think.



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3 responses to “Studio: Collages with Fabrics

  1. becky3

    Hi Anna,
    I really love the collage about war and am very interested in the one that you asked about? Is it finished? It looks more like a work in progress compared to the others but I am already seeing a lot of potential. I feel like you could go two ways with this. One is a playful direction; The girls are happy and the composition made with their forms has good movement. But if you are going this direction you would need a shift in color to bring more energy. The other way you could maybe go is to have this as a memory of someone who is gone. The silhouette matched with obvious age of the picture just makes me interpret it this way. If this is the case I like where you are going with a subtle color choice.

  2. vrolli20

    Hi Anna,

    I’m excited to see your work in the crit this week. It is interesting, although you mentioned war on your blog (by the way, this is a form of ‘leading the witness’ when you say what you want a person to say/think), I found it more related to hunting. The girl in the foreground seems like she is in a tent and her two brothers are doing things other than playing in her world.
    Also,I have to say that I think the last photograph (which I love your open to interpretation question) is very thought provoking. One cannot simply pass it by quickly without taking into account that the figure seems absent (due to void, blackness), but on the other hand, is being actively engaged by another very present person in the picture. Your use of the implied line is great… Keep it up. Yet even with this subtle technique used, the void figure still registers as ghost. Maybe use a few other ‘glitches’ in the photos to really mess up the viewer! Play between plausable and not… get just the right amount of each and you will have people really scratching their heads.

  3. Maybe the woman in black, on the left, is a specter. She could also be dressed in a burka (sp?), looking in on women from anther world. Is she the harbinger of bad news or an angel of mercy?

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