Daily Photo Collage Update

Today at the studio was a little frustrating, but I was able to switch gears and adjust my tasks to my mood. I think I’m going to change my mental day off to Saturday and spend Sunday in the studio instead from now on. I wasn’t able to do that this week because my boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow. So, probably from here on out, I will be posting Sunday evenings.

When I got to the studio, I pulled out all of my xeroxed photos and played around with some compositions with the fabrics. I was completely uninspired, so I decided that my time would best be spent reading the book that I got from the library, Suspended Conversations by Martha Landford. It is a wonderful book about the history of and analysis of the family photo album. The examples she uses are from the same time period that my family photos are from. I’ve only just started it, but here is the inspiration and food for thought that I’ve grabbed out of it so far:

  • People typically took photos of events such as births, weddings, new cars, family reunions, and funerals.
  • Personal photo albums are anthologies, adventures, meditations, and shrines.
  • The photo album is personal, and to see it is to have an invitation to view it, and is usually accompanied by stories. (concept of togetherness)
  • Photographs with the same style border could suggest a few things: same event, same person taking the photo (camera), or developed at the same time.
  • pg. 18 “The removal of an album from a private situation to the public sphere does not deprive it of a context, but substitutes one set of viewing conditions for another.”
  • pg. 19 “In the afterlife of a photographic album, pure past is a mirage, a set of conditions seemingly visible yet irrecoverable even in the imagination. The world as experienced has been transformed by each act of translation (visible world to photograph; photograph to album; private album to public realm; public realm to individual reception).
  • The organization of an album reflects the working of the mind of its creator.

On that note, I will end this post with some visuals of some recent daily task photos.


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One response to “Daily Photo Collage Update

  1. vrolli20

    Hi Anna,

    I just finished PopCo today as I was telling you, and at the very end, I thought of you as there is mention of photographs that you may enjoy! Keep going it’s a great read.

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