Studio: More Collages with Fabrics

After spending some time analyzing my daily collages, I decided to experiment some more with some fabric collages. I’m still getting used to working with fabrics in a collage way. I approach my daily collages and my fabric collages a little differently. My dailies are very random, and I’m still picking 2 random photos to use together to make the collage. With the fabric collages, I think more about which images to use and which fabrics to use. This is what I came up with today:

“The Grass is Greener on the Other Side”

“Contemplating Sexuality”

I would love to hear comments.



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4 responses to “Studio: More Collages with Fabrics

  1. These are beautiful, and quite tought provoking. Your work is getting better and better all the time, I feel. Cudos!

  2. jumpstitch

    I notice a sly humor creeping in here….very interesting!

  3. Love the first one. Looks like he is climbing out of a hole. The red in the piece along with the black and white made me think about the communist blacklisting era.

    Keep it coming.

  4. I love the perspective on the top one, and the way you are combining fabric and collage so nicely. You do a great job of setting a mood with these.

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