Daily Photo Collage: Organizing & Analyzing

Today I took a closer look at my daily collages. I made a list of themes that seemed to have appeared by doing them. For example: I started with the theme HUMOR. I looked through the stack of collages and pulled out all of the ones that I thought had an element of humor, put them aside, and took a picture of them. Then I looked at them closely and wrote down anything I could think of.

Collages with HUMOR:

What makes them funny?

  • Playing with the scale of the figures.
  • Facial expressions
  • Placement of the figures in the environment.
  • Creating an unrealistic situation.
  • Figures walking out of the picture.

Collages with SILHOUETTES:

When the figure has been taken out entirely, only the background is left. We rely on the environment for information. Sometimes there are other people in the photo to help figure out the story.

The missing figures could be:

  • Alter ego.
  • Guardian Angel
  • Death
  • Memory
  • Spirit
  • Essence
  • Intuition

When the figure is cut out, sometimes I just shift it over and replace it somewhere else in the collage.

  • This can be a play on TIME. Moving toward the future. Out of memory.
  • Change.
  • Remembering and moving forward.
  • The past.
  • Lurking negativity.


What makes changing the environments of the people surreal?

  • There is a tension created by placing someone who appears to be calm, or is looking at you (the camera) while some sort of action is taking place around them, as if they don’t even notice.
  • There is a mystery to some of these because there is not enough information given about what is going on.

Many of the environments are unrealistic:

  • A woman feeding a baby sitting on a couch that is floating in water.
  • A figure bundled up on a cold beach, while a couple walks around on the same beach in bathing suits.
  • Two figures standing in front of a horse that’s about to jump on them.
  • Two figures appearing to come out of the picture because it has a fading background.
  • A figure from a different time period is placed in and earlier or later time.

Collages with NO ENVIRONMENT:

  • An emphasis is placed on the figure.
  • These collages don’t feel as strong to me. They feel meaningless.
  • The only one that feels like it has meaning is the top left one that has the figure sitting on the cooler looking away from the camera. It feels meditative and reflective.

Collages with CHANGE IN SCALE:

  • Many of these have humor because of the distorted scale of the figures compared to each other.
  • The larger figure demands a presence and dominates the collage.
  • The smaller figure becomes secondary.
  • An absurdity is created when children are as big as or bigger than the adults.
  • A smaller figure of the same person implies and alter ego, or a moment remembered.

That was as far as I got today. I also spent some time in the studio coating my fabrics with Bubble Jet Set, which is a chemical that you dip the fabric in so that when you print an image on the fabric through a computer printer, it will not wash out. I will share with you my experiments at a later date. Have a good week!



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3 responses to “Daily Photo Collage: Organizing & Analyzing

  1. pamela

    Good work here! Your ruminations are spot on!

  2. Such great work. Sounds like a good way to really decide what is working the best.

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