Studio: Reorganizing for a fresh start

Well, my short break between classes is almost over. I start a new studio class tomorrow. New peers and inspiration awaits me. This weekend, I have been focusing on getting my studio ready. For the past two years I have been renting a small studio space in Allied Studios and I also had a studio space at school. You would think it would be really great to have two studios, but on the contrary, it was really driving me nuts. It was hard to think laterally and be spontaneous with my process without all of my equipment and supplies at hands reach. So, despite the small space at Allied Studios, I decided to move everything into my rented room, and give up my studio at school.

So, this weekend I have been reorganizing, and trying to figure out where to put everything so that I can easily find it. Below are the BEFORE pictures. I’m not nearly done renovating, so I have not taken the AFTER pictures yet. I’m going to spend the rest of this afternoon at the studio trying to finish before tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. It was pretty slow going yesterday. It took me twice as long as I thought it would to install shelves on one of my walls. My boyfriend has volunteered to install the shelves in the closet today while I concentrate on organizing the clutter. Wish us luck! I’ll post some AFTER pictures soon!

BEFORE pictures:



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One response to “Studio: Reorganizing for a fresh start

  1. Sounds like great fun. Reorganizing for me usually means meandering through supplies and thinking up snatches of ideas that never formulate because I am on to the next task. In the end though it seems going through all my stuff leads to fresh work too.

    Good luck:D

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