Studio: Finals

Next week is my last week of classes for summer quarter.  I’m trying to get everything ready for my final critique on Wednesday.  I’ve been working on hand sewing into two final pieces all week, but they are not finished so, I’m not ready to show them to you yet.  I’ll post them soon.

I spent today working on more ideas for a finished piece.  I’m still trying to keep with the theme of “friends are chosen family.”  Let me know if you think I should make any of these into a final piece.  Comments are below each one.

I loved this photo of my grandmother with her friends.  She is the second one from the front.  You can really tell that this group of ladies were having a great time and are really close.

I’ve really been interested in what people did to have fun back in the day.  Looking at my grandmother’s photos, they seemed to like to be outside.  Here are two of her friends swimming.  I guess in the days of no AC, this was likely a very popular spot in the heat of the summer.

Written on the back of this photo, I discovered that this was one of my grandmother’s boyfriends before she met my grandfather.   If she had stayed with him, I wouldn’t be here!

Picnics were also very popular.  I have a lot of photos of people eating outside.  Here are a group of close friends eating watermelon.

Well, I’m off to work on some hand sewing!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  1. I really like these. I think they would look really cool under beeswax too. Have you ever tried encaustic?

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