Daily Task: Photo Collage Update

Since I’m concentrating on my writing my paper this weekend, I won’t be spending too much time in the studio. However, I though this would be a good time to give an update on how my daily tasks are going. I’m still doing the collages using the photos of possible friends of my grandmother. I’ve decided to limit myself in one way. I am randomly picking 2 photos from the pile, without seeing them first, and then I make the collage using only these 2 images. Sometimes I like what comes out of it, and sometimes it does nothing for me. Below are my favorites. Comments are below each one.

I really like this one because of the friction of the mood. You have a woman looking at the camera, relaxing in a chair, and in perfect focus without worrying about the action going on around her. Then, you have a horse race in the background, jockeys rushing to finish first in a blurry quick motion. This collage makes a comment on how people should slow down more, and reduce the stress in their lives. If you slow down, you can think clearer and weigh your options before you make a decision and move forward thoughtfully. If you go though life too fast and out of focus you miss a lot of details worth slowing down for.

This collage has a mysterious quality that I really like.  The tall stairwell overpowers the house next door so much that it feels like the stairs lead to another world.  Carrying only her purse, perhaps she is  leaving for only a short while.  The neighbor on the porch is witness to the journey.

This one has a playful humor to it.  The lady in the shiny dress opens the gift, only to find happy little people.  Do you think she expected that?

I’m still having fun playing with the scale of people.  This play on perception was an unexpected surprise.  Of course, the stance the bigger figure has leaning on her friend’s shoulder would not be able to truly happen.   I love the shape of the street light in this picture.

Two women in bathing suits looking at the same thing with their surroundings fading away from the left.  Are they looking at the future?  The man in the background is look the other way.  Maybe he is not ready for the future.

This one is just silly, and that is probably why I like it.  I mean, the baby is in the middle of the table.   It looks to me like she is trying to show them something.  Maybe it is something bigger than we can see with our eyes.

Checking in:

I am still really enjoying making a collage every day.  Not thinking too much about which photos I use together and picking them out randomly has really taken a lot of pressure off the idea of concept.  I am letting the concept take shape on its own without over thinking.

I think it is important that I be thoughtful too, which is why I have other things going on at the same time, but my challenge has been to find the balance between the two.  I think most artists struggle with this balance.

My questions to you: 

1. Do you respond to any of the collages above? Why?

2. Do you feel like there is any theme developing?  What?



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5 responses to “Daily Task: Photo Collage Update

  1. My favorites are the first two. I like the first one because it’s so unexpected, and the woman gives me a good vibe. I love her thick white hair.

    I like the second one of the house because of its dreamlike atmosphere, kind of like a De Chirico painting.

    I think each one, though, is stimulating and thought provoking in its own right.

  2. Susan keck

    I love these! especially the one with the blue flowers and the girls in the water.

  3. These are great. I have been thinking of you lately and just got Rusty to look up your blog for me. You will now be on my daily list :D.
    “Two women in bathing suits looking at the same thing with their surroundings fading away from the left. Are they looking at the future?”
    From a Jungian art therapy stance the left of the picture is usually the past, center present and right future. Of course if it feels like the future to you…then it is. I sometimes feel like I know too much about how art works in the psyche.

  4. danielle malin

    I love the baby on the table too!! sooo fun and interesting! I like the one with girls in the water as well. Beautiful work. I love old pictures too!

  5. I appologise for barging into your world like this, but i have been hot on the trail of my family for well over 30 years now. Like the only pictures that I have of either of my grandparents are the same as those that appeared in the 1927 issue of the Greensboro news paper, and they are even poorer quality than the newspapers. To answer some of the questions that you posed. Greensboro is in North Carolina. I was born in Greensboro to Virginia Iona Campbell and Woodrow Wilson Petty. Virginia and Woodrow had 4 children. The first two were Virginin and Woodrow Jr. One lived about 6 weeks and the other 6 months. I was the third child and my sister Judy. I do not want to bore you with endless unwanted storys about the killing. Therefore please allow me a couple quick questions. Did you ever find out why your grandmother kept newspaper copies of the trial? Is it possiblee that we are distant relatives? If you have any pictures of any family member I would be happy to pay for them to be copied. The pistures in “Murder for Breakfast” has some really great pictures of my dad and Uncle Smith. If there if anything you would like to know about either the family or the murder I will tell you all that I know. Thank you for letting me drop in for a short cyber moment

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