Guiding Statements

These are some guiding statements for me to think about when I am working on my art.  This is to help me narrow my focus and eliminate the ideas that are not working for me.

  • Friends are chosen family, but are also forgotten family.  When people pass away and leave behind photos of friends and family, more often than not, the “friend” photos do not make the cut, and probably end up in the trash.  I find this quite sad.  It is usually the friends that know the family member the best, and they will probably not really matter too much to the living relatives.
  • Simplicity is not so simple.  My need to simplify remains, but as I research further into a life previous to us now, I realize that my original thought of the past being more simple, is not really true at all.  The past and the present both are not that simple.  It is all how you look at it, and the choices you make in life that predicts how simple your life can or cannot be.  It is not the social fabric of our times that predicts how simply we live our lives; it is the individual choice.

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  1. sarfrazkhalil

    Nice thinking.

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