Studio: Collages with fabrics

I had a very frustrating day in the studio. I’ve been very uninspired this week and working in the studio today, took every ounce of energy I had. Since I have a pretty tight schedule, a day off was not an option for me. I decided to be kind to myself, and just work intuitively today. So, I started a new notebook of collages with fabrics and xeroxes. This notebook of collages will be separate from my daily collages. So, here is what I came up with:

In addition to my family photos, I also have a stack of photos that have people in them in which nobody in the family knows who they are. I’m pretty sure that the majority of the people are friends of the family. I find it odd and sad that I was the only one in my family interested in keeping the photos. Some of these are really the best ones, even if they aren’t family. The moment captured is more candid than the family’s posed portraits. Friends are chosen family in my book, and they are the ones that probably know me the best, because I see them more often, and spend more time with them. I wish I knew who these people were. They probably have way more stories of my family than my family does. All of the collages I am showing you today, are of people whom I don’t know, and are probably friends or unknown relatives.

There was a picture of his wife too, standing in the same spot. Maybe a group of friends went to the beach for a vacation? This was something my grandmother often talked about doing.

I was hoping this one would put me in better studio mood. 🙂

He’s probably a relative, but I don’t recognize him.

She looks like she’s mad or up to something.

Well, that is my day at the studio. Now, I’m going to go figure out what the #$%% I’m going to write about for my paper that is due soon. Normally, I take a day off on Sunday to follow other interests and hang with Todd, but I think I need to read all day and get some research done!




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7 responses to “Studio: Collages with fabrics

  1. anna,

    your frustration has turned out some really cool collages! at least, in my humble opinion. i love how you remove images from the collages and the way you work with them. i just wanted to let you know…
    mucho amor sister from afar!

  2. rainparker

    i think for having a frustrating day in the studio, you sure did manage to bump out some really sweet stuff with your collages. I really liked what you said about friends being chosen family. I am going to have to write that down somewhere because I love that statement. I think sometimes friendships can even surpass family at certain times, so i agree that it is sad that no one cares to try to figure out who they are….but at least you are! I think what you are doing looks great and I am sure it will keep getting better! Thanks for all of your comments on my new blog, much appreciated!!
    see you this afternoon…

  3. The fabric looks so good with the collages! I love what you did! How do you feel about them? Are you going to be doing these daily or just when you are inspired to do them?

  4. I thought you might be intersted in taking a look at my site. We combined photos from former East Germany with fabrics to show the fabrics in my shop. I enjoyed looking at yours.

  5. I loved your collages, it looks as a very intimate work. Are you selling them?

  6. I found your site through Creative blogs. I love how you are combining vintage linens and fabrics with old photographs. Amazing!

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