Please help me with my homework!

Hey everybody,

One of the things I have to do for my class is to do one of these “assignments” on the Learning to Love You More website. The task I decided to do is to ask my family to describe what I do. So, those of you who actually read this stuff. What do I do?

I talked to my sister, Barrie, this morning, and since she is having trouble with her computer, I will transcribe her response for her:

“Anna goes to work at an art college in the fibers department. She helps organize the department and has her own computer and office. She has time to go home for lunch each day. She goes to school 3-5 nights a week. She works on her projects over the weekend, except Sunday’s. She is super organized with her time. She spends time with Todd. She calls her sister every weekend. She is really good about keeping up with her friends. Through school she learns a bunch of new things to do with her artwork.”

I thought that was a pretty good description, but not completely accurate. I will tell you more about that, after I get a few more responses from my family.

My mom e-mailed me and said:

“I am assuming you want us to describe what you are doing with your art work now. Well I would say currently you are using hand & machine embroidery to embellish hand painted & dyed vintage fabric & antique linens to create abstract impression of age old photographs.”

My very dear cousin Louis’ answer was a bit roundabout, but very insightful non the less:

“Your art inspires me. Your simple, non-pretentious, non-materialistic
values show in your work. I remember Mama sitting with her hands folded
in her lap listening to her records for hours with no distraction other
than a rowdy grandchild or two passing through now and then. She needed
very little to make her happy partly because, unlike so many of us, she
took the time to smell the roses so to speak. Life it’s self in all it’s
simple glory was grand to her. I see that in you. I wish that I were
more like that. Aside from that, I reckon you can fold rags perty good.”



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5 responses to “Please help me with my homework!

  1. Susan Keck

    Anna Keck is very artistic and creative. I think she has been from a very young child. Working in art is very important to her and she surrounds herself with it and prioritizes it. She is sensitive and caring about her family and friends. Because art is so important to her, she saw something in the family photos that could be a priority to her, as even though, I think they are very cool and see the potential in these possessions, in my busy life, with other priorities right now, we saw a box in the attic gathering dust. Love you Anna…..some day soon (Devin and Shainie in college) I hope to learn more from you and hope my kids will too.

  2. Excellent post thank you for the info

  3. Cool! Do you think this trend will continue? I would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

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