Studio: Let’s try something on the wall.

My latest studio venture was a continuation of playing with the linens. With mid-terms coming up next week, I’m feeling the pressure of making something more “tangible”, so I decided to start a linen “collage” wall piece. After cleaning and rearranging my studio so that I had a large wall space to work on, I came up with this:

The white background is a table cloth to give you an idea of scale. (About 5 x 7 feet). I haven’t sewn anything down or anything; I pinned everything from the back. The stripe of lace on the bottom was meant to “ground” the center motif, but I don’t really like it. I like this detail better:

Yeah, I like this much better. It is more simple, which is the look I’m going for these days. Maybe with some hand running stitch to give it some subtle texture or line drawing.

I added the square hankies with maybe the idea of transfering some baby photos to them. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate my family photos.

I’m still at the stage of playing with the linens to see what happens, though I really like this way of working with them. It’s back to 2-D thinking though, even if I am using 3-D objects.

I still want to play more with these compositions before committing to sewing anything down. I also want to spend more time researching a concept before making another finished piece. The way I regularly work is by intuition. I start and make decisions as I go, and then the concept comes to me while I am working. This is OK when I’m not in graduate school, but now I have the pressure of making a “body” of work that all relates to each other. That is what I am trying to figure out. Yes, my “theme” is family photographs, but what am I trying to “say” with them? This is my challenge of the moment.


How should I incorporate my family photos??



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2 responses to “Studio: Let’s try something on the wall.

  1. Janet

    Do you have to physically incorporate family photos into every piece? That’s very literal – consider broadening your experimentation to the more abstract or figurative. And do these linens have any direct connection to your family members or are they more of a connection with your mother?
    I like how you’re experimenting with scale, but lace seems such a precious and intimate thing (or maybe I just always want to see how structures relate) that I want to get up close and admire it. The placement of it at the bottom makes this difficult because it’s so large a piece.

  2. Holly

    You have inspired me to think differerntly about some of the things I have from my mother. (She kept her finest slips and old lace hankies from when she was first married.) In corporating them into a piece of art would be wonderful.

    Faint transfers would give your work a ghostly appearance. Or maybe hide your family fotos under the linens if you want to try something more interactive.

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