Getting Started

Well, the start of a blog is always intimidating. Where do I start? I guess I should tell you why I decided to start one in the first place. Well, my mind is racing with ideas and interests, so really this blogs is for me to keep track of and chronicle what is going on inside of my head artistically. Since I am in graduate school, it is important to share my ideas and experiences in the studio with my peers. I’m beginning to document my experiences in the studio, and I thought this would be the ideal way to update those interested in what I am doing and thinking. All comments and feedback are VERY welcome to those of you who have something to say.



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2 responses to “Getting Started

  1. Cindy Mizzell

    You can help me simplyfy my life when you finish although I am working on it.
    I like your idea of using a blog to document your progress. It is like keeping a journal with pictures.

  2. Karen Byars

    You have always lived simply so you may have a struggle with this. You have always “personalized” your living space with things that have meaning to you. Again, let the pictures speak to you as you live with these things so much the photos may GIVE YOU A NEW PERSPECTIVE! You are not a “cluttered” person now do you spend foolishly on wants. I think from what you said that you are trying to find a way to tell others to live simply. Not yourself and so there is your little wall in the way of your thinking. Again…take more pictures, and then study them in different environments…in the studio, in the classroom, in your bedroom, at the beach, on a row-boat on a lazy afternoon. Love ya!!! Karen

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